Green Tara Incense 5.5"

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This incense is hand made from medicinal natural herbs. The combination of genuine natural scented substances makes this incense richer and superior quality than any other incense.

Using the ancient art of Tibertan incense making with natural resins, flowers spices, aromatic and medicinal herbs blended with a natural bonding without the use of a bamboo stick creating a ritual unharsh smell.

Named after the Mother of All Buddhas, Green Tara

Great Incense for Meditation, Healing and Purification ❤ Non Toxic and Non Habit Forming - Hand Prepared from Medicinal Herbs ❤ No cement added to "glue" the ingredients together. So sticks are frangible and each box may contain a few broken sticks ❤ 

Small: Each box has 14 Sticks and each stick is 5.5" Long.