Van Gogh Sunflower: Ornamental by Renee's Seeds

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Ornamental Sunflowers: Van Gogh

(Helianthus annuus)

EXCLUSIVE – Named for the famous Dutch artist, our handsome variety offers the classic colors of the Van Gogh sunflower portraits. When they unfurl, the flower faces have bright yellow ray petals and center disks of rich gold surrounding a green center. As flowers mature, the disks turn a dark chocolate color. These vigorous plants bloom very early on strong single stems and make a gorgeous display. Van Gogh is pollen free, so cut flowers have a longer vase life.
Seed Count: 20-25 / Weight: 1.8 gms


Summer/fall bloom
Frost tender


Plant in full sun in good garden soil when weather is warm and settled, all danger of frost is past and both days and nights are evenly in the 50°F (10°C) range. Poke seeds into well-worked soil about 1/2 inch deep, 4 to 5 inches apart. Press soil firmly over seeds and keep moist until seedlings emerge in 8 to 10 days. When seedlings are large enough to handle, thin seedlings to final spacing of 1 foot apart so these tall plants will have ample room to grow. Extra thinned seedlings can be transplanted easily.


Several weeks before last frost date, sow seeds 1/2 inch deep in individual pots of well-drained seed starting mix. Keep moist and provide a strong light source until seedlings are well established and ready to plant outside. Transplant carefully, disturbing the roots as little as possible. Space seedlings 1 foot apart so plants will have room to mature.


These handsome tall flowers are easy and rewarding to grow. Make several sowings several weeks apart to have a succession of flowers in full bloom. Keep soil moist and well-weeded and protect very young seedlings from birds with netting or plastic berry baskets, removing before plants get crowded.