Vajra & Bell/ Bell & Dorje Small Nine Spokes With Brocade Case by Akara

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Handcrafted in Dehra Dun (India), this vajra and bell are indispensable for vajrayana practitioners. They symbolize wisdom and skilful means respectively. The vajra and bell together embody enlightened body, speech and mind. Hence, they can also be used as a support on the altar for us to make offerings.

The nine prongs symbolise the nine yanas or vehicles of the Nyingma school. Bells are adorned, at the top, with the eight seed syllables of the dakinis.

Bells are one of the most important instruments used to perform rituals and ceremonies in Himalayan ceremonial functions. By its sound, the bell is believed to invite or attract the deities and drive away negative forces. The ringing of the bell can bring the mind into greater awareness. Accompanying it is the Vajra (Dorje), a ritual object believed to represent firmness of spirit and spiritual power. Together, these two instruments allow for contemplation and mediation and are valuable tools for the path to self-reflection.

Small 15cm (bell height); 11 cm (vajra length)

Handmade, therefore appearance may vary slightly from photo