Tuning Fork High Ohm Set (272.2, 544.4) by Ohm Therapeutics

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Package includes two High Ohm Tuning Forks [272.2 hz + 544.4 hz]as well as an 8 panel instructional booklet with photos and application techniques for the energetic body, and information on the Feng-Shui of Sound.The High Ohm octave is ideal for working in the energetic field around the body, the Chakras and for clearing and re-setting the energy of a room. The sound wave created by the High Ohm octave is soothing and therapeutic; use to move disharmony & tension from the body,and to restore balance to the subtle body, thereby benefiting the physical body. Learn to release and disperse tension and the energetic armoring that occurs when the body is affected by trauma or stress.

Practitioners may choose to begin with the Mid and Lower Ohm Tuning Forks to help loosen and bring to the surface that which needs to be released. Application of the High Ohm Octave is an effective tool to then further release and disperse into the auric or energetic field.

Made in the USA from space grade aluminum, Ohm Therapeutics Tuning Forks are fully guaranteed to stay in tune.