ADI SHAKTI Divine Mother Meditation Cushion by Starwater Yoga

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Our ADI SHAKTI design holds the frequency of the Divine Mother and would make the perfect gift for someone who seeks to be more connected to a maternal energy in their practice and in their life. * Made and designed in Los Angeles * Sewn with 100% Linen & Cotton canvas printed in North Carolina * Filled with Non GMO Buckwheat Hulls for a comfortable and cool experience

13" l x 13" w x 5" h

5.4 lb / 2.45 KG

About Starwater Yoga

ENERGY FLOWS WHERE ATTENTION GOES. Starwater Yoga products are created to inspire and support yogis in their daily practice. Each color, element, symbol or deity has a specific meaning and reason for being incorporated into the design of our yoga mats & Cushions. The power of symbols and their effect on consciousness is widely overlooked yet science tells us visual data is processed 60,000 times faster than text. Inspiring imagery programs the mind for success. We are part of a small family of companies run by artists and yogis in Los Angeles CA. Most of our products are made in our studios and all of our designs are created by Jamila Starwater Tazewell.