Cork Massage Balls by Scoria World Inc.

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Packed in their own pouch with an instruction card & some ideas on how to use them, these cork massage balls are smooth and firm to help you with trigger points, sore muscles and tissue relief. Benefits of massage include relieving pain and increasing circulation. Experiment with both sizes - the two smaller balls can be used for almost everything and the bigger massage ball can be used for the larger areas such as hamstrings, back, or other large tissue.

The first ever earth-kind yoga brand that inspires others to regain lost creativity and stay playful.  Designed by artists around the world.  Perfect for hot yoga as cork becomes sticky when moist helps to retain asana, giving you a super grip. Anit-Microbial and releases no chemicals into the air.  100 % biodegradable, Harvested sustainably, 10 meals donated per purchase as well as supporting life-skills education for indigenous youth thru Right To Play.

(Do not machine Wash)

A Word About Scoria from the Founder:

With Scoria, I wanted to inspire grown ups with children-inspired art on cork yoga mats to reconnect with their inner-child through creativity and movement.  I created artistic cork mats from children-inspired stories during the time I was an art teacher. The mats served a purpose of encouraging movement, bodily and mind curiosity, while also staying kind to the planet. 

I am a 25 year old designer, artist and a registered yoga teacher, Yara