Rudraksha Wrist Mala 6mm Beads

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Few realize that for thousands of years seekers from different religions have revered the rudraksha for its spiritual electro -magnetic resonance and radionic signature. As a revered seed few perceive the subtle interplay between different physical materials and our electrical body. Gemstones , pure metals and rudrakshas have been recognized for millennia to be amongst the few materials that can supplement our spiritual temperaments when applied correctly.

Our teacher, the Buddha, taught that we should chant mantras. Why? We do not have the fortune to meet or encounter the true Buddha immediately, but we can, and do, encounter mantras. The Buddha said that after his parinirvana, he will appear in the form of letters or words. In order to recite a mantra well and experience all its benefits, one needs an appropriate mala with all the correct characteristics.

It is taught that to accomplish siddhis quickly, one should have both a private and a public mala. The private mala should be taken out only when one is doing practice by oneself, and should not be touched by others, except for your teachers when you ask them to bless the mala. The public mala can be used during prayer ceremonies (or pujas) when one is out in public.

Information Source on Malas from Akara Collection