Nasturtiums for Hanging Baskets: Little Firebirds by Renee's Garden

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Hanging Basket Nasturtiums: Little Firebirds

(Tropaeolum majus)
EXCLUSIVE - This beautiful new trailing nasturtium offers a stunning cascade of color perfect for hanging baskets, window boxes or containers of any size. Firebird’s deep burgundy, warm pumpkin and rich coral colored blossoms float in striking contrast over lovely variegated lily pad shaped leaves. Use these stunning nasturtiums to ignite your patio or walkway with color all summer long. Firebird’s edible blossoms taste like watercress with a hint of honey and make tasty and colorful additions to salads and seafood.
Seed Count: 35 - 40 / Weight: 4 gms


Spring/summer/fall bloom

Frost tender


In spring once all danger of frost is over, sow seeds in full sun (or part shade in hot climates). Nasturtiums need no added fertilizer. Poke seeds into well worked garden soil 1 in. deep and 3 to 4 in. apart. Press soil firmly over seeds and keep moist. When seedlings are several inches tall, thin to 6 in. apart, so plants can spread.

Container planting: use pots or baskets a minimum of 8-10 in. deep and 12 to 15 in. across, filled with fresh potting mix. Poke seeds in 1 in. deep and 1 1/2 in. apart. When seedlings are established, thin to 3 in. apart, so plants can spread.


Three weeks before last expected frost date, poke 2 seeds one inch deep into individual 4 in. pots of seed starting mix. Provide a strong light source. When seedlings have several sets of leaves, pinch out the weaker seedling, leaving 1 per pot. When weather reaches 50°F (10°C). both night and day, acclimate to outdoor conditions. Transplant seedlings 6 in. apart in full sun. See Container Planting for suggested pot sizes.


These lovely nasturtiums with handsome variegated leaves are easy to grow in any well-drained soil, They will quickly fill garden beds, planters or hanging baskets.