Larkspur, French Alouette, Heirloom by Renee's Garden

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Heirloom Imperial Larkspur: French Alouette

(Consolida ajacis)
EXCLUSIVE - This is our favorite French cut flower supplier’s premium larkspur strain. The lacy-leafed plants bloom brilliantly in 3 to 4 foot tall spires, densely packed with double flowers. Their colors sing of spring in intense, clear shades of bright salmon-pink, iridescent purple, pure lilac-blue, rich rose and white. These long-lasting, classic cottage garden flowers are as beautiful as a vivid watercolor painting. They make wonderful cut flowers and can also be easily air-dried as everlastings.
Seed Count: Approx. 475 / Weight: 1.5 gms


Spring/summer bloom

Frost hardy


In mild winter climates, sow seeds in late fall to germinate and form deep roots over the winter for a long spring bloom.

In cold winter areas, sow seed as early in spring as soil can be worked as larkspur can handle frosts and blooms best when started in cool spring weather. Sow seeds 1 inch apart in well-drained soil in full sun. Cover 1/2 inch deep, firm soil and keep moist. Be patient; germination takes 14 to 21 days. After seedlings are well established, about 2 or 3 inches tall, thin to 8 inches apart to allow for good air circulation and discourage disease. Keep plants well watered and weeded for best performance.


Sow seed early when weather is still cool to get sturdy plants that will provide many weeks of bloom. Cut flowering stalks before individual florets begin to drop for graceful indoor bouquets, or air-dry indoors for everlasting arrangements. Larkspur will continue to bloom well into summer if faded flowers are removed.