Jalapeno Chilies Trio Mix, Organic by Renee's Garden

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Rainbow Jalapeño Chiles Spice Trio

EXCLUSIVE – Carefully blended seed mix for a rainbow of jalapeños that ripen up golden-yellow, deep orange & rich red! These juicy and crunchy little peppers are spicy, colorful & delicious.


Equal parts: Red, Orange & Gold Spice baby jalapeños


Seed Count: Approx. 50 – 55 / Weight: 0.34 gms


In early spring, start indoors about 2 months before night temperatures stay reliably 55°F (13°C). Sow seeds 1/4 inch deep and 1 inch apart in a container of seed starting mix. Keep moist but not soggy, and very warm 80-85°F (27-30°C). Provide a strong light source until seedlings are ready to plant outside.

When seedlings are 2 inches tall, transplant into deeper individual containers. Maintain at 70-75°F (21-24°C). Feed with half-strength fertilizer every week until weather is warm enough to gradually acclimate seedlings to outdoor conditions. Transplant 1 1/2 feet apart into rich soil in full sun.


Jalapeños need warm conditions. Don’t transplant outdoors until night temperatures stay securely above 55°F (13°C). Prepare soil well with aged manure or compost. Plant only robust seedlings with well-developed roots. Mulch plants to maintain even soil moisture. Keep well weeded, watered and fertilized.


To harvest, cut rather than pull fruits from plants when fully colored up either bright red, rich orange or golden-yellow. These eye-catching, spicy baby jalapenos have thick juicy flesh. Slice and pickle them for zesty condiments, use for delicious rainbow salsas, fajitas or for cheese stuffed “poppers.”