Borage, Blue by Renee's Garden

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Kitchen Herbs: Blue Borage

(Borago officinalis)

One of the easiest flowering herbs to grow, 2 to 3 foot tall borage has clusters of sky-blue little starry flowers and silvery-green leaves that add contrast to other garden plants. Harvest these dainty "bluest of blue" flowers with their mild, cucumber taste to use as garnishes and decorations. Children especially delight in the pretty shape and color of borage blossoms and the texture of their fuzzy leaves. Borage self-sows easily and welcome garden pollinators adore it.
Seed Count: Approx. 85 / Weight: 1.5 gms


Spring/summer/fall harvest
Can handle light frost


Sow seeds in spring once weather has settled, 1/2 inch deep and 6 inches apart, in full sun. Keep seedbed evenly moist until germination occurs in 10 to 14 days. When the seedlings are well established, thin the plants to stand about 12 to 18 inches apart to give bushy plants room to mature. Borage will self-sow freely in the garden and can grow in poor soils. Seedlings do not transplant well because plants have a long, fragile tap root.


Borage flowers have a delicate cucumber-like flavor and are pretty, edible garnishes for both green and fruit salads and cool summer drinks. Freeze the sky-blue flowers inside ice cubes to accent herbal iced teas and festive punch, or candy them for decorations. Children love the star-shaped flowers on birthday cakes or just picked fresh and eaten off the plant.

In traditional herbal lore, borage was thought to lift the spirits and inspire courage. Enjoy these cheering plants all summer long.