Patagonia Super Berry Organic Loose Herbal Blend by Rishi Tea & Botanicals, 125 grams

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Organic Caffeine Free Herbal Blend

Maqui berry, blueberry, and raspberry combine to make a trifecta of juicy superfruit delight. Accents of red wine grape skin and hawthorne add structure and depth to this refreshingly sweet violet brew.

Organic blueberries, organic maqui berries, organic raspberries, organic red wine grape skins, organic hawthorn leaves,

This delicious superfruit blend features wild-harvested maqui berries, a rare and amazing berry that has even more ORAC antioxidant contents than acai berries. We combine this superb free-radical fighter with blueberries, raspberries and red wine grape skins for a potent punch of antioxidants.

1.5 Tbsp,.


200 F

5 minutes

Rishi Herb Lab