Oregano Essential Oil, Organic, 100 ml by T-Zone Health

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Herbal, Fresh, Cleansing

The herculean do-all herb known as "delight of the mountain" is distilled into Oregano Essential Oil from the foliage and flowering tops of the herb. The flavor and fragrance of oregano are well known in culinary creations, yet oregano is more than a tantalizing aroma it is a mighty plant friend. Just as fresh Oregano stimulates the appetite, Oregano Essential Oil stimulates skin, soul, and mind.

Contraindications: French aromatherapy literature advises against long-term use; best to use in short spurts.

This potent and pure distillation is from the esteemed vulgare species, which has a balance of key constituents with a high level of carvacrol. With tonic thymol levels and an herbaceous, fresh fragrance, this oil is an herbal-helper.

This exciting oil lifts the appetite, both for food and for life in general. Senses are awakened and taste buds tingle with one whiff of this wondrous oil. Bon Appetit!

"Oregano is the spice of life."
~ Henry J. Tilman

"Oregano is aromatherapy's heavy artillery."
~ Cass Ingram