Nutmeg, Essential Oil, Organic, 15 ml by Nature's Alchemy

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Sweet and spicy Nutmeg Essential Oil is organically harvested, and its essence is captured through CO2 distillation. This special distillation method retains the full, musky, nutty aroma of the oil. The virtues of Nutmeg can be gained through aromatherapy inhalation alone, since its aroma is the major component delivery mechanism.

Uses: Inhale as a sensual serum. Apply diluted for massage. Diffuse into environment. Two drops to a nighttime bath. A drop diluted in coconut oil will freshen the breath. Dash on linens with ylang.
Constituents: A magnificent array of d-camphene, d-pinene, limonene, safrol, and myristicin.

Nutmeg Essential Oil is diverse in its application. Sweet smelling and totally delectable, this aromatic oil is distilled from the sweet fruit of the Myristica fragrans, which contains is a beautiful addition to massage oils, amorous inhaling blends, and love potion perfumes.

"Nutmeg brings hopes, dreams, and prayers to their rightful home, and in so doing, the highest elements of the ego take their place within spiritual wonderment. When the ego has received many life blows, is depressed, or unable to connect to the higher realms, nutmeg assists in the reconnection."
~ Valerie Ann Worwood, Aromatherapy for the Soul

"It is said that the scent of the Nutmeg Islands is so powerful that birds of paradise become enchanted."
~ Julia Lawless, Aromatherapy and the Mind