Moving Toward Balance by Rodney Yee

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Rodney Yee has written a must have book for all students of yoga. His ability to make the yoga practice understandable for all levels is first rate. This book breaks down a week by week practice to help all of us understand barriers to practice. This book is extremely helpful for those starting a home practice and for new teachers who wish to help their students.

I have many yoga manuals and this one is by far the best i have come across. Very clear instrustions and laid out for beginners and experienced alike. I particularly like the way he has put lots of different yoga sequences in so you can flow from one pose to the next. Everything is explained in alot of depth and every detail is fully covered or if you don't want to read all the notes on the poses the large, clear photographs are easy to follow.
All in all, a must have reference manual by a great yoga master.

Thank you Mr Yee!