Medicine For The Earth: How to Transform Personal and Environmentl Toxins by Sandra Ingerman

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From cross-cultural legends recounting shamanic cures to the biblical accounts of the parting of the Red Sea and Jesus multiplying the loaves and fishes, many spiritual traditions are rich in stories about seemingly inexplicable transformations of the natural world. The ancient healing art of transmutation, in which toxic substances are transformed into "safe" substances, is mentioned in all the world's great spiritual traditions, including Hinduism and Taoism. And while many have tapped this body of work to heal the self, it has yet to be used to heal our environment.

For twenty years, Sandra Ingerman has studied alternative ways to reverse environmental pollution. In this book, Ingerman takes us on a remarkable journey through the history of transmutation, teaching us how we can use this forgotten technique to change ourselves and our environment. She provides us with creative visualizations, ceremonies, rituals, and chants derived from ancient healing practices that produce miraculous, scientifically proven results. In one dramatic illustration of what can be accomplished when consciousness and awareness fuel our actions, Ingerman describes her own success in transforming the nature of chemically polluted water.

Based on the conviction that "we can reverse environmental pollution through spiritual methods," Ingerman (A Fall to Grace) coaches readers through inward and outward preparation for performing "transmutation," the channeling of spiritual energy to create positive physical effects. Given the firm belief that it can be done, the inner preparation of spiritual harmony and the creation of sacred space through ceremonial ritual in community with others, Ingerman promises that while pollution should be avoided, it can be dispelled after the fact. Citing the purportedly miraculous cures accomplished with natural water sources allegedly imbued with spiritual energy (e.g. the miracle cures of Lourdes, the parting of the Red Sea and the water that Jesus is said to have turned into wine), Ingerman illustrates her claims with controlled experimentation with water pollution. Her clear, practical exercises call upon a variety of ancient and current resources, including shamanism, to recruit assistance from the spiritual realm in executing her metaphysical prescription for reversing environmental damage: "intention + love + harmony + union + focus + concentration + imagination = transmutation." While Ingerman may not convert skeptics, she is highly regarded in New Age circles for her previous work focusing on personal transformation, soul loss, and recalling higher purpose. Fans of Carolyn Myss and Larry Dossey will appreciate her role in spearheading the movement toward using individual spiritual energies to heal the world around us.

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From Library Journal

Ingerman, a therapist and well-known practitioner of soul retrieval, provides a thorough, thoughtful treatise on personal and planetary healing through the spiritual transmutation of environmental toxins. Motivated by her near-death experiences, she contemplates unconditional love through respect for sacred space, divine power, and nature's elements. Key chapters cover the development of a personal creation story as well as releasing and calling-down ceremonies. First-person accounts (Ingerman chronicles healing chemically polluted water through spiritual applications), mystics' narratives, and "consciousness-raising" exercises help to clarify the lessons. Written as if she were walking with us on a daily journey, but one that is essentially ours, this text presents a "bringing heaven to earth" philosophy that will appeal to both motivated newcomers and advanced searchers of the psyche. Some psychotherapy rhetoric is included, but the thrust is fresh and original: spirit in action yields measurable results. 
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