Lingia Darjeeling Black 50 Gr.

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Are you looking for a high end black tea?  You're going to love this one.    This is a rare tea with a delicate muscatel flavour.  Only 800KGS are produced annually of this premium tea.   Lingia is one of the best Darjeeling tea estates in India.  This is a second flush which was produced in June.  2nd flush are more developed and has a bright liquor, full and round.  This makes a wonderful breakfast or afternoon tea.

Ingredients: Black Tea (STGFOP)- Lingia Tea Estate (Organic Compliant)

Grade: Silvery Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (STGFOP)

Grown: India

Brew 1 tsp 205F for 3-4 minutes

Contains Caffeine