Lemon, Essential Oil, Organic, 59 ml by Nature's Alchemy

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Citrus, Bright

Cold pressed Lemon Essential Oil is a revitalizing elixir of invigorating delight. Extracted from the rinds of thousands of lemon peels, each bottle of lively Lemon essences contains within it the zest the molecules to lift moods, to tingle the senses, to revitalize the skin, and to inspire a sunny disposition.

Blends well with: Bergamot, Neroli, Jasmine, Rose, Lavender, Lime, Douglas Fir, Vanilla, and Inula.

Uses: Culinary and skin serum preservative. Skin rejuvenator. Diffuse or sniff for a quick mood boost. Lovely in baths. Diffuse to infuse focus for creative tasks and study. Perfect for cleaning house. Delightful in all manner of dishes and desserts.
Contraindication: Photosensitive. Do not use on skin with direct exposure to sunlight. Dilute to use.

Pressed from the rinds of lush lemons that have grown ripe along the Mediterranean Sea, our Lemon Essential Oil smells like someone bottled an invigorating morning under the Tuscan sun. Brought to Italy from China centuries ago by Arab merchants, these organic lemons are cold pressed to extract only the purest essence of the fruit. 

The ancient Roman poet, Virgil, observed that the “citron fruit doth chase black venom from the body in every place.” Citral and limonene components contribute to the oil’s fresh pungency, which invigorates the senses, refreshes the skin, and shines sun on the soul.

Our organic Lemon Essential Oil is cherished for both its aromatherapy and skin toning properties. Use Lemon Essential Oil to help you concentrate at work, finish your household chores, get motivated to exercise, decrease negativity, increase mindfulness, and clean your inner and outer environments. Slide into skin serums to stimulate sluggish skin and even tone.

Lemon Essential Oil is unabashedly uplifting. Watch your mood soar as you inhale the essence of clarity and her sister elements: joy, peace, hope, and laughter.

“When the sun sinks down to rest, you breathe, beside the margin of a bay, the fragrant odours of the lemon trees; and then, by night, on the terrace, alone with each other, with fingers intertwined, you gaze at the stars and make plans for the future.”
~ Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary

“Lemon clarifies everything through upliftment and focus.”
~ Valerie Ann Worwood, Aromatherapy for the Soul

“Lemon oil is an essential oil with high vibrations, comparable to a high-toned whistle. Sandalwood, in comparison, “hums like a bumblebee.’ Essential oils with high vibrations lift spirits, especially when one may be feeling mental fatigue.”
~ Suzanne Fischer-Rizzi, Complete Aromatherapy Handbook