Lava Stone Mala with Semi Precious Stones

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Lava stone beads pack the double punch of looking beautiful and allegedly possessing healing properties. There are benefits to using lava stones and lava stone beads besides looking great. Here’s a guide to what lava stone beads can do for you.

What are lava stones?

Lava stones aren’t anything new. In fact, they’re the oldest stones in the world. Many cultures have used them in their cultural rituals for centuries.

Lava stones are formed when volcanoes erupt, much like obsidian stones. The lava shoots out of a volcano and runs down its side. Once this incredibly hot liquid rock dries, it becomes a lava stone. Because of these processes, lava stone is considered to be a stone of rebirth. Many experts think it is the fiery strength of the volcano that formed them that leads to lava stones holding so many healing properties.

Many users of lava stone believe it grounds and stabilizes the root chakra because of the stone’s strong connection with the earth. When the root chakra is stabilized, the body and mind will feel positive, safe and anchored to the earth.

Lava stones and essential oils

Lava stones are by nature quite porous, meaning they have lots of tiny holes inside them. The porous nature of the stones makes them perfect diffusers for whatever essential oil you prefer to use.

Essential oils are used to promote different emotions and reactions throughout the body. There are over 90 essential oils on the market, and different properties and benefits are associated with each one. It is estimated that 43 percent of people struggling from stress or anxiety use some form of alternative (non-medical) therapy to help them combat symptoms from these conditions, and essential oils are an easy, popular and versatile alternative therapy choice.

Lava stones can diffuse any essential oil, but experts recommend choosing one with complementary properties to the diffuser (in this case, the lava stone). Many lava stone wearers use lemon and lavender essential oils. These oils can help with stress, anxiety and low levels of energy.

Lava Stone Mala available with these complimentary beads: Lapis Lazuli, Rudaksha, Tiger's Eye, Amethyst, Hematite, and Rudraksha. 

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