Hi Low Ohm Tuning weighted Fork Set by Ohm Therapeutics

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This set features one Mid Ohm [136.10 hz] and one Low Ohm [68.05 hz] Tuning Fork, plus an Instructional packaging opens to 8 panels of information, including an overview of Sound Healing, information about octaves & overtones, and the easy to follow how to of practical application!

The sound vibration of the Ohm Octave is a potent musical interval, creating movement to help clear blockages and move stagnant energy.Use on tight muscles, reflex and acu-points.

The Ohm tone is an excellent choice for those interested in Sound Healing, and is the chosen tone used by seasoned Sound Healers. The sound vibration of Ohm is calming, grounding and energizing. Sound Healing with Ohm Tuning Forks has many benefits: it enhances other healing modalities, can help deepen breathing, relieve body tension,assist in meditation and pain management, and activates the natural current or Qi flowing through the body.

Made in the USA from space grade aluminum, Ohm Therapeutics Tuning Forks are fully guaranteed to stay in tune.