Frankincense , Organic, (Serrata) 100 ml by T-Zone

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Woody, Perfumery, Warming, Revitalizing

Flawless Serrata Frankincense Essential Oil has held a venerable position at the heart of Ayurvedic care for thousands upon thousands of years. This Frankincense offers a direct ancestral connection with the sacred-saps of early India. Frankincense Serrata may be used to anoint the body during prayer and meditation, though its primary benefits are in body and skin care.

Serrata Frankincense also known as Indian Olibanum, is the venerated Frankincense of Ayurveda. Grown in dry mountainous regions, this oleo-gum resin at the heart of Ayurvedic medicine, is wild harvested with a unique extraction method. After trees are tapped, resin is stored for a moon in specially sieved bamboo baskets where excess liquid, ras, flows out. The remaining resiny residue slowly dries into salai-guggul tearsSubtle sprinkles of sweeter sabinene, limonene, linalool, and diterpenoids soften Serrata’s Boswellia-bouquet. This frankincense radiates a sweet-spicy, resinous-coniferous charm with an airy balsamic undertone and is beautiful in body balms and breast blends. Masticated for centuries as effective oral care, it is also excellent as an aperitif and harmonizing in honey. Revered and endeared for centuries, this nuanced, numinous Frankincense brings heart and soul and gets to the gist of the matter.