Finding Rest in the Nature of the Mind by Longchenpa

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Longchen Rabjam's Finding Rest in the Nature of the Mind is a classic Buddhist manual for attaining true liberation through familiarizing ourselves with our most basic nature--our clear, pristine, and aware mind. Written in the fourteenth century, this text is the first part to Longchenpa's Trilogy of Rest, a work of the esoteric Tibetan Dzogchen tradition. This unique presentation of the Buddhist view and path combines the scholastic expository method of explanation with direct pith instructions designed for yogi practitioners.

This text systematically presents the view in thirteen chapters, outlining all that a practitioner must know in order to embark on the complete Buddhist path. Here we find fundamental instructions on the need to turn away from materialism, how to find a qualified guide, how to develop boundless compassion for all beings, tantra and its associated practices, calm abiding (
śamatha) and deep insight (vipaśyanā) meditation techniques, all culminating in the practice presented from the perspective of Dzogchen.

This first volume of the Trilogy of Rest is a comprehensive teaching on the view from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, setting the foundation for the following two volumes:
Finding Rest in Meditation, which focuses on meditation practice, and Finding Rest in Illusion, which focuses on post-meditation yogic conduct. The Padmakara Translation Group has provided us with a clear and fluid new translation of Finding Rest in the Nature of the Mind, which will serve as a genuine aid to study and meditation.

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Shambhala (Oct. 20 2020)
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 384 pages

About the Author

LONGCHEN RABJAM (1308-1363) is Tibet's most famous master of the Dzogchen tradition. He was a prolific scholar, poet, and accomplished spiritual practitioner. He authored hundreds of seminal texts that make up the core of Nyingma traditional instructions, systematically connecting traditional Buddhist thought with esoteric Dzogchen instructions.

The PADMAKARA TRANSLATION GROUP, based in France, has a distinguished reputation for all its translations of Tibetan texts and teachings. Its work has been published in several languages and is renowned for its clear and accurate literary style.