Finding Rest in Illusion by Longchenpa

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Longchenpa's Finding Rest in Illusion, the third and final volume of the Trilogy of Rest, is a classic fourteenth-century Buddhist text that describes in detail the proper conduct of those who have stabilized their recognition of the nature of the mind. This work follows the first volume of Longchenpa's trilogy, Finding Rest in the Nature of the Mind, which focuses on establishing the view, and the second volume, Finding Rest in Meditation, which focuses on practicing the path of meditation. This volume is a culmination of the teachings by outlining a practitioner's yogic conduct according to the Dzogchen tradition.

The Padmakara Translation Group has provided us with a clear and fluid new translation of
Finding Rest in Illusion, which will serve as a genuine aid to study and meditation. This is an invaluable manual for anyone who wishes to find true rest while engaging in the illusory appearances of day-to-day life through applying the Buddhist view and practice.

  • Publisher ‏ : ‎ Shambhala (Oct. 20 2020)
  • Paperback ‏ : ‎ 336 pages

About the Author

Longchen Rabjam (1308–1363) was born to a noble family of Tibet under many signs of auspiciousness. He showed great skill in all aspects of scholarship from an early age and excelled throughout his life in the practice and accomplishment of dharma. His power in visualization techniques and ability to actualize miraculous appearances is well known throughout Tibetan history. Longchenpa had many pure visions where he was given direct instructions from Guru Padmasambhava and many other wisdom deities. Recognized as an emanation of Vimalamitra, Longchenpa's sharp acumen and prolific writings have made him one of Tibet's most renowned and precious teachers.

The Padmakara Translation Group, 
based in France, has a distinguished reputation for its translations of Tibetan texts and teachings. Its work has been published in several languages and renowned for its clear and accurate literary style.