Essence of the Wondrous Ocean Annals: The History of the Taklung Kagyu by Khenpo Lophel

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A volume available in three translations: Tibetan, Chinese and English The Essence of the Wondrous Ocean of Annal: The History of The Taklung Kagyu Lineage is beautifully illustrated by master Thangka Painter and Digital Graphic Artist: Chris Banigan.  

The Goal of this text is to  firstly  inspire readers through sharing a historical account of the rich and unique culture of Tibet through one of it's spiritual lineages.  And to also make a clear account of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of the Taklung Kagyu  of both Upper and Lower traditions. 

This is a rare offering, as there is not much made available of the Taklung Kagyu Lineages.  This text focuses on the history and development of the two main Taklung Kagyu Seats The Upper and The Lower and gives a clear account of the throne holders both in text and in illustration.

The illustrations  were commissioned specifically for this text and guided by Khenpo Lhophel to be correct according to style, lineage, and accurate representation.  With the wonderful assistance of one of the most skilled artists, Chris Banigan.  

Information also includes the construction of the main temples and Zhabdrung's residence.

The text is an easy clear read and was produced by a group effort under the guidance of Dawa Norbu Rinpoche and the great teacher from Trungchen.

The entire effort was overseen and gathered by Khenpo Lophel with assitance from many great translators.


Translated from an original text by The 8th Riwoche Jedrung Jampa Lungtok Chokyi Gyaltsen


ISBN: 978-1-948203-4

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