Clear Quartz Hair Comb with Silver Crescent Moon

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Clear Quartz - Moon Hair Comb  

*Each Quartz are different so the Hair Comb is Unique & One of a kind for you!*

★ Comb approximate Length : 3’’
★ Handmade with Love

* Little Tip : You can tie your hair with an elastic and then put the comb on it for more grip. 

Wear Crystals , Love the Earth

Metaphysical & Healing Properties of Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz is piezoelectric allowing it to be a support for amplification, focus, storage, transformation of energy. Which is why it is know as "A stone of power." Known for it's ability to harmonize and align human energy. It is thought to be the stone of connection between the physical and the dimensions of mind, and consciouness of the heavens, as well as the transformer of thoughts into sound.

Metaphysical /information Source: Love is In The Earth by Melody