Classic Organic Chicken Bone Broth by Broya 250 ml.

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Broya has taken the art of comfort food to a whole new level with their chicken bone broth! Using organic, free-range chickens from Canadian farms, every sip of this organic bone broth is a taste of pure comfort and quality. In a convenient ready-to-drink, single-serving can, there’s no need to fuss around in the kitchen to reap all of bone broth’s wholesome benefits; just pop the top and sip your way to instant comfort, or heat it up for a steamy, soul-warming chicken bone broth. Whether you're curled up on the couch with a good book or battling a winter chill, Broya's chicken bone broth is your go-to remedy.
Broya has made quite a bit of alterations to their standard chicken broth and you’ll be sure to notice with the first sip!The chicken bones are now simmered for up to 24 hours, delivering sweet nectar from the farm to your kitchen table. Their free-range organic chicken bones are sourced from either Deboers Farms (Burlington, Ontario) or Yorkshire Valley Farms (Peterborough, Ontario). 


Chicken bone broth* (water, chicken bones*), Carrots*, Celery*, Onion*, Apple cider vinegar*, Garlic*, Sea salt