Chives, Fine Leaf

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Kitchen Herbs: Fine Leaf Chives

(Allium schoenoprasum)

Tender and succulent Fine Leaf Chives keep their slender shape and don’t get coarse or tough with age. These softly shaped mounding plants with their pretty lilac-pink blossoms look lovely along the edge of flower borders and are indispensable in everyday cooking. Keep some chives planted close to the kitchen to use freshly chopped on salads, with cheese, egg, rice and potato dishes, or whenever you want a delicate onion flavor without the bite.
Seed Count: Approx. 750 / Weight: 1 gm


Spring/summer/fall harvest
Frost hardy


In the cool weather of early spring, sow clusters of 7 to 10 seeds about 8 to 10 inches apart in well-worked, fertile soil in sun or part shade. Cover 1/4 inch deep and press soil firmly over seeds. Keep evenly moist as seeds germinate slowly over several weeks. Emerging seedlings have very slender grass-like leaves that mature into mounds.


In early spring, sow 7 to 10 seeds in individual containers of starting mix and cover 1⁄4 inch deep. Keep evenly moist as seedlings slowly emerge and provide a good light source until ready to plant outdoors. Transplant clusters of seedlings when 2 to 3 in. tall after gradually acclimating plants to outdoor conditions.


Space clusters of 7 to 10 seedlings 8 to 10 inches apart.


Chives bear lilac-pink blossoms in late spring and summer. After bloom finishes, cut entire plant back to 2 inches to encourage regrowth of tender new leaves. Given plenty of moisture and a location out of fierce sun, chives are hardy, self-sufficient plants.