Beam Paints - Minjeemin (Eko Neezhing) Includes A Set of 10 or 16 Handcrafted Indigenous Organic Plastic Free Paintstones

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The Minjeemin (sweet pea)  Eko Neezhing meaning twice, second or two times in Ojibwe.  Hand made with doubled sheets of hand printed  with handmade ink, beeswaxed canvas and cloth. A slip on pencil or brush loop, a mini and small pocket to carry out xtra mini papers or supplies.  Can fit up to 16 regular Paintstones we will do our best to accommodate! also available empty!


Beam Paints: M'Chigeeng, First Nation, Manitoulin Island, Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada

From the family workshops of Anong Migwans Beam

Paintstones are lightfast pigments, tree sap, and gum Arabic. 

When I make paint I think about my Dad a lot, he taught me when I was really small to identify hematite and look for paintstones. He kept them in his art bag in a little cloth wrapper, and when he needed paint he brought them out and prepared his paint for ceramic bowls, drums, or rocks. 

I really wanted something of my paint making practice to share the tactile joy of the physicality of paint, and this is it! 

These little jewels are also about our values and support our respect for the earth and being plastic free. They are wrapped in beeswaxed cloth or St Armand handmade paper with paper labels identifying the color name and are our answer to halfpans!