Illuminate Cork Yoga Wheel by Scoria

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A fun and rewarding way to open the back, chest, hip flexors and shoulders

  • Comes with a yoga wheel handout with ideas and postures
  • Perfect for beginners or advanced yoga practitioners
  • Made from non-toxic materials:
  • An antimicrobial cork top harvested sustainably without the cutting down of any trees.
  • ABS form (moldable and recyclable) and has no carcinogens, 4mm cushioning for safety and comfort. 
  • Comes with a Manufacturing Guarantee Warranty. Please read our policy and what it includes here.
  • Offers great support.
  • Can withstand a full weight of up to 200 lbs.

(note: for regular wheel-stretches, the wheel does not need to support full body weight unless full body weight is applied)


Every purchase makes an impact! Portion of proceeds empower Indigenous youth through play-based education promoting healthy living and life-skills  ~ learn more

Dimensions: 12.5" diameter x 5" width
Weight: 1.4 kg


Store in shade and avoid long sun exposure.
To clean, simply wipe with a cloth, a little mild/ organic soap and warm water to get rid of stains if you see any forming.