How to Order a Custom Stained Glass Window

Stained Glass is a Custom Made item.  Something that is made for the client considering exact size, type of installation and framing, colours, subject, budget and time frame.

It is often sold by the square foot so it is good to have an exact size if you would like to get an accurate estimate.

To find out how many square feet your area is you multiply the length by the width in inches and divide by 144.  that will give you amount of square footage.

Master Glass Craftsman/women have a cue so do not assume that the piece will be made for you instantly.  often there are clients ahead of you waiting in the cue for their time on the magic workbench of light....

But it is truly worth the wait .  A Piece of custom stained glass is treasured by all of the family and guests not to mention the joy it brings every single day.

The glass comes from all over the world.  Some of the colours are quite rare, made from minerals they also imbue a form of colour therapy which is why we love being in churches or buildings that have stained glass,

Reds, Cranberry's and Pinks are made from gold, green from copper, yellow from silver, orange from selenium.  Many of the sheets are handblown from studios in Europe that are hundreds of years old. 

Each piece is cut and ground to perfect shape, hand painted, fired in a kiln and then soldered together once wrapped with copper or zinc.  We do not use much lead these days... 

Once you have a size or a set of sizes you need to decide on what you want.  This is often the hardest part for clients.  You can bring in a favorite painting or picture, perhaps you have something you love, birds, butterflies, or if your house is historical perhaps you want something that looks like it is original to the home..

Choosing what you can live with everyday takes some time.  At Yulokod Studio we have extensive resource materials, books, designs, to get you started.  Often once a theme is chosen a slide show is produced to give you many options so that it has all of the elements you would like.  

From there a price is determined and a 30% to 50% Deposit is made which goes towards basic materials.  

Then a water colour is drafted to scale with your colour choices.  If this is approved a full size sketch is made.  Then a consultation happens where you can actually pick the glass you would like in the piece. 

An estimation of time to complete the project is given and you are now officially in the cue.  

The hardest part is the waiting, knowing something amazing is coming down the are welcome to visit the studio as often as you would like.  for clients long distance photos of the progress are sent.  

Windows are typically framed in zinc frames for hanging, or screwed on to existing wood frames.  

One interesting fact...once the window is complete and installed it's value triples from what you paid as a custom piece....the waiting has actual value...

Stained Glass typically starts @ $200 per square ft...

The Himalayan Art Thangkas start @ $1,500


$350.00 Recommended Deposit to start Commission Price Quote and payment plan to follow after initial consultation, measurements and design choice, determined by detail etc.

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