About Yulokod Studios

Yulokod Studios is located in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. It is a single artist studio which is dedicated to the craft of hand-painted stained glass, specializing in himalayan art, stained glass thangkas, eccliesiastical church and synagogue windows, historical architectural and art glass. Dedicated to the careful preservation and meticulous restoration of sacred imagery in painted glass.
 Inspiring "Sacred Awareness Through Beauty," the retail store and online portals provide a curated collection of life enhancing items hand selected by Tsunma in order to support wellbeing, the seeker, meditator, yoga practitioner,and the healing professional of mind, body and spirit.
Items may be picked up either in Cambridge or Toronto, if you wish to save on shipping costs.
Yulokod Studios is open most weekends or by appointment.
Please call in advance to confirm availability hours, as Tsunma may be travelling or in retreat.
Fridays 11AM till 9 PM, Saturdays 7AM till 9 PM & Sundays 1PM till 8PM
Yulokod Studios
16 Wellington Street
Cambridge, (Galt On the Grand) Ontario
N1R, 3Y5
416 801-6607
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