Tuckamore Honey 500 Gr. Local Organic (Puslinch, Ontario)

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Liquid Honey

Honey is liquid when it is harvested from the hive. Over time, liquid honey will naturally crystallize. To liquefy, heat slowly.

Raw Honey

Crystallized honey. This honey has had the least amount of processing and can be considered honey in its most natural state.

Alison Van Alten is the owner of Tuckamore Bee Company which supplies Queens, Cells & Nucleus Colonies, as well as honey products. Alison grew up in a hobby beekeeping family on the west coast of Newfoundland.

While studying apiculture at the University of Guelph, Alison began to keep bees herself.

For fifteen years, Alison worked for the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association Tech-Transfer Program conducting honey bee research. Her passion for bees and a desire to follow a dream, inspired her to become a full time beekeeper in January of 2010.

Tuckamore Bee Company is committed to producing quality bee stock and is a proud member of the ORHBS (Ontario Resistant Honey Bee Selection) Program.