Yulokod Studios Now Carrying Items that Celebrate The Sacred Within

A curated collection of special items to support your meditation practice
& walking in sacredness on the planet

Books from Shambhala Publishing
Guided Meditation & Teachings from Sounds True (Coming Soon)
Singing Bowls & Tingsha (Coming Soon)
Prayer Flags
Prayer Malas
Sacred Art Prints and Postcards by renowned Thangka Painter Urgyen Gyalpo
Theives Oil & Balm, and Jungista Natural Insect Repellent from Wild Creek Naturals of B.C.
Essential Oils from Living Libations of Haliburton, ON(Coming Soon)
Blown Glass Diffusers
Herbal Tinctures from St. Francis Farms (Coming Soon)
Meditation Cushions (Coming Soon)
Shrine Sets & Tools for Ceremony (Coming Soon)
Glass & Crystal Buddhas (Coming Soon)
Crystals (Coming Soon)
Also Carrying Items Of Beauty and Grace From local Artists and Craftsman
Pastel Art and Portraiture from Local Cambridge Artist- Elaine Reaume
A Note from Tsunma Jamyang Donma-ani J.
After many years of operating Yulokod Studios and supplying sacred art to temples, churches, private shrines, as well as custom creations for private homes and business, patrons have requested that I also represent my path as a Tibetan Buddhist Nun, Spiritual Care Provider, Chaplain, Meditation Instructor, Pastoral Counsellor and Psychotherapist in my little shop.

So, after many requests Yulokod Studios is now carrying items not only for the sacredness in the space of one's environment, but also the sacred space within. I would like to thank all of the students, teachers, practitioners, and friends who have patiently waited for me to hear their request, and I look forward to seeing you at my studio to view the many new offerings.


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