Rainbow Mandala
AH Rainbow Manifestation Tigle
TIGLE = Manifestations of enlightenment that appear in the elements spontaneously.

Sometimes you will see them when you take a picture of a sacred site or great master. they are always present but our awareness only sees them when we reach that level to percieve them or a door is opened to their dimension thru meditation, prayer, dream or the radiance of a great being or sacred space. Similar somewhat to a nimbus seen around a saint or angel....Sort of bliss in non-corporeal form.

AH = The original sound in eastern understanding the sound from which all other form is manifest. In meditation it is visualized at the throat. Focused on also for Bardo and death practices as death is also rebirth new origins etc. Often the first sound in mantra recitation like Om or Hung. Sort of like our AEIOU in music A being the first sound.

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