Yeshe Tsogyal with rainbows

Yeshe Tsogyal made for practitioner in the Netherlands. featured at the bottom an image of Trulshik Lingpa featured in the book " A Step Away From Paradise" by Taomas K. Shor . Trulsik Lingpa was guided by Yeshe Tsogyal thru his practice to reveal a Beyul (Sacred Hidden Valley) of Guru Rinpoche & Yeshe Tsogyal in Sikkim. According to the Nyingma school of Buddhism: a Beyul is a Multi-Dimensional portal in the earthly realm that is a direct connection to a pure realm of being. They have many blessings, transformational powers and revelations associated with being in them ...they are auspicious peaceful places...sort of a direct experience of an enlightened being through Geomancy, Beauty and Vibration. They are revealed from Terma and revealed by Tertons.